08.12.2021 – Love market

Referring to the Northwest love market, Sapa love market is the most famous place because Sapa has long been a familiar place for travel enthusiasts.

Sapa love market is held in Sapa town, this is the fair of the Dao ethnic group that is held every Saturday night.

It is said that Sa Pa love market has the oldest origin, but no one knows when this love market began to be held. Just heard from the people that before, the market in Sapa only met once a week on Saturday, people from all over the village come here to meet, but when the market is over, it's late in the afternoon, people can't go to the forest. go home. Therefore, all the young and old who go to the market gather around the pants together, gradually becoming a custom, a habit, and then the market becomes a place for young men and women to learn and date.