08.12.2021 – Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong mountain, also known as Dong Son mountain, runs about 2km long from Duong Xa village, Thieu Duong commune, Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province to the foot of Ham Rong bridge along the right bank of Ma River. The reason for the name Ham Rong is because viewed from above, Ham Rong mountain bends into 9 sections. At the end, it bulges like a dragon with its mouth wide open to suck water from the Ma River.

Opposite Ham Rong Mountain, on the other side of the Ma River is Chau Phong Mountain, also known as Ngoc Mountain. From a distance, Chau Phong looks like a dragon playing with pearls. Two mountains - two sacred dragons have made this land legendary, majestic but no less poetic.

Ham Rong Mountain in Thanh Hoa is located in the Ham Rong relic complex including: Ham Rong Bridge, Ham Rong Mountain and Ham Rong Truc Lam Zen Monastery. Surrounding the mountain are rich valleys. Along with that, the green pine fields as far as the eye can see also create poetic beauty for the natural scenery here.