08.12.2021 – Cat Cat village

Sapa cloud paradise - the pride of the Northwest mountains is no stranger to domestic and foreign tourists. In the midst of that majestic wild mountain natural scenery, there is a small and beautiful rustic village that anyone who comes to Sapa must definitely visit. That is the attractive Cat Cat village with simple wooden houses, small murmuring streams, colorful brocade panels and simple small ethnic people.

Stepping through the gate leading to Cat Cat, you will be surprised by the wide stairway with only two rows of people walking and paved with polished stone. The rather steep road between the two blocks creates a beautiful scene.

Along the two sides of the road are stalls with all kinds of handicrafts such as: ethnic jewelry, brocade products, Sapa specialties, etc., making visitors unable to resist but stop for a while and buy a couple of items. gifts for yourself and your loved ones.